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Cashew The company has excellent broking experience in cashew trading both locally and internationally. Our clients are all around the globe – in USA, Europe, UK Russia, Far East, Middle East, Africa etc. We are well connected in the cashew industry with all top, medium and small packers in Ghana. The company has well experienced professional managers to handle the operations. We offer the best quality cashew nuts worldwide at competitive prices maintaining quality parameters of international standards giving preference to customer requirements.

Our Services

  1. We can help the buyers merchandise from reliable and trusted quality packers at the most competitive rates and timely shipments.

  2. We are the via media between the buyer and seller in international commodity trading.

  3. We provide service to the Indian importers of cashew nuts to find the right seller from right sourcing country.

  4. We also facilitate Third Country transactions on commodities correct market information & After sales service.

About 95% of all traded cashews originate from Africa. Cashew nuts are a high value cash crop with approximately two million African smallholders being responsible for 48% of the world’s total output. The major producing countries are the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Benin, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Mozambique. Significantly, while African farmers have more than doubled production over the last decade, processing of the raw nuts on the continent remains low, growing from 25,000 MT in 2006 to just 129,000 MT in 2014. The bulk of raw African cashews nuts are exported to processing firms in India and Vietnam.

Prabhat's Offerings

Prabhat Trading handles over 10% of the Ghana raw cashew trade. We are renowned for consistently high-quality cashews and smooth distribution through our reliable and far-reaching supply chain. Prabhat handles:

    • Raw cashew nuts (in shell)

Sourcing and distribution
Prabhat’s cashew supplies are primarily originated from the following communities:

  • Sampa & surrounding communities
  • Wenchi & surrounding communities
  • Techiman
  • Nkoranza
  • Bole
  • Drobo
  • Dormaa
  • Atsuna
  • Kwameseikrom
  • Nkrankwanta
  • Yawmatwa
  • Yellow Camp
  • Sefwi
  • Kalaba
  • Hamile